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Education Team Bible Study


Monday 1/15  2 Sam 15-16, Jonah 1. Heb. 8

Tuesday 1/16  2 Sam 17-18, Jonah 2, Heb. 9

Wednesday 1/17 2 Sam 19-20, Jonah 3, Heb. 10

Thursday 1/18 2 Sam 21-22, Jonah 4, Heb. 11

Friday 1/19 2 Sam 23-24, Heb. 12

Saturday 1/20 1 Kings 1-2, Heb. 13
Sunday 1/21 1 Kings 3-4


Weekly Book Study


This week we will finish Hebrews and 2 Samuel and also go through the minor prophet Jonah. Jonah s a well-known book to many even outside the Judea-Christian realm because of the fantastic events surrounding the ‘whale’. (the text actually says ‘great fish’). The story is unforgettable because of how the Lord works. Jonah is a reluctant fella. He knows what the Lord tells him to do, that is to go to the people of Nineveh and preach a warning message. Jonah tries to avoid this task because he feels the people of Nineveh deserve the judgment and does not want them to be warned. (See chapter 4, verse 1) God sends a giant fish to swallow Jonah, who has time to rethink his position and prays for deliverance. The whale spits out Jonah and he goes on to be obedient, though still reluctant.

One thing God teaches us is this: Grace is Grace! It is undeserved. The people of Nineveh were wicked. They did not deserve a chance to repent. But God gave it, because of Hos grace. However, since Jonah would not obey God and preach a message that had potential to save innumerable people’s lives, he was as undeserving as anyone he was assigned to preach to! God help us. We MUST obey the Great Commission. God has a gracious message to share with the nations. He loves them just like He loves us!

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