We are continuing in Genesis this week, and as promised, here is a brief introduction.

Genesis is not ONLY the first book in the Bible. It is more importantly the foundation for all of God’s revelation of Himself and all of human understanding of God’s redemptive history. 

When we read the Scriptures, we should read them in the whole context of God’s revelation. That plan is unfolded in the Scriptures through the pattern of: Creation/Fall/Redemption/Consummation.

In Genesis, we find the account of Creation, the events of the Fall, a promised Redemption in the seed of the woman Eve, and hints of a coming Consummation. We follow the line of Adam and Eve through Seth, to Noah, and finally through Abraham. In short, that is the purpose of Genesis. Oh…and it is FASCINATING! 


Job is a book that we have all heard about, many of us have read it, but we should never take for granted everything that we can learn from it. The whole theme of the book is God’s sovereignty in all things. We can be sure that good or bad, whatever our circumstances we know God is over all and in all and is working even our hardships out for His glory and our good. If Job was faithful through it all, it was because God was giving him the strength to endure the storms of loss and anguish. 


Finally, we begin Romans this week. Romans is almost like a systematic theology, tying together the Old and New testaments as it truly tells the Creation/Fall/Redemption/Consummation storyline. Chapter 1-11 are a doctrinal summary of that storyline, and chapters 12-16 apply that truth to the lives of those who are in Christ. 

Happy Reading!



Bible Reading Plan      Nov 9-15


Monday: Genesis 11-12

                Job 1-2

                Romans 1


Tuesday: Genesis 13-14

                Job 3-4

                Romans 2


Wednesday: Genesis 15-16

                       Job 5-6

                       Romans 3                    


Thursday: Genesis 17-18

                  Job 7-8

                  Romans 4


Friday: Genesis 19-20

             Job 9-10

            Romans 5


Saturday: Genesis 21-22

                  Romans 6 


Sunday: Psalm 20-22

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