This week we will begin reading in two new books and we will finish Proverbs. Daniel is one of the Major Prophets, ‘major’ being terminology descriptive of the longer length of the book. Daniel is narrative in the beginning and ends as a more Apocalyptic vision. Daniel was a young man taken captive in the fall of Jerusalem and brought to Babylon. Daniel was an exceptional young man, so King Nebuchadnezzar trained Daniel for work in his courts. Daniel’s faithfulness, along with that of the three other young Hebrew men named, are remarkable. As Daniel unfolds to the last half of the book, a vision is presented in parts. The vision unfolds both the future of Israel and the future of Babylon, all the way through the rise of the Roman Empire. The vision also foreshadows many things that will happen at the end of time. Many parallels exist between Daniel, Ezekiel, Zechariah, Jesus’ Olivet Discourse, and the book of Revelation. 

Bible Reading Plan      Oct 26-Nov 1


Monday: Daniel 1-2

                 Proverbs 26

                 1 Timothy 1


Tuesday: Daniel 3-4

                Proverbs 27

                1 Timothy 2


Wednesday: Daniel 5-6

                       Proverbs 28

                       1 Timothy 3                    


Thursday: Daniel 7-8

                  Proverbs 29

                  1 Timothy 4


Friday: Daniel 9-10

            Proverbs 30

            1 Timothy 5


Saturday: Daniel 10-12

                 Proverbs 31

                 1 Timothy 6


Sunday: Psalm 14-16

We will also read 1 Timothy this week. Paul wrote this letter to Timothy, whom he had mentored. 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus are known as the Pastoral Epistles, named fittingly because the content of the letters is very instructive to the organization of the church and the pastoral ministry. 

A simple outline of 1 Timothy:

1:1-2: Salutations

1:3-20: Explanation of Timothy’s Task

2:1-6:21: Emphases that Will Accomplish the Task1


Lea, Thomas D. The New Testament: Its Background and Message. Broadman & Holman, Nashville. 1996. 


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