This week we will finish Genesis. The last part of Genesis is the Joseph Narrative, which is not only a touching story, but sets up the events of Exodus. 

We will also begin reading two new books: Habakkuk and John.


Habakkuk is a very profound book once we understand it. Habakkuk was a prophet We know nothing else about him. He is prophesying to Judah. The Babylonians are on the march and will soon overtake Judah and many Jews will be carried off into exile. Habakkuk’s prayer to the Lord in the first chapter indicates two things: 1) Habakkuk saw the evil and injustice in Judah and saw how God’s own people were treacherous. He actually prays and asks God why He has not judged them yet. God answers…they will soon be judged and events will take place that are hard to even believe until you see them. But God has a plan. 2) Habakkuk sees the approaching Babylonian advancement. He sees this as confusing. God should judge Judah, in other words, just not like that using THOSE terrible people! 

The Lord reveals the warning Habakkuk is to herald to the people of Judah. Habakkuk prays and is still a little confused. He sounds like a mixture of Jonah and Job! However, the message contains hope for Judah. The book closes with Habakkuk’s own confidence in the Lord, his Savior. 


John is the gospel that is most unique of the four. John’s gospel is a beautiful and thematic narrative rich in theology and hope. The key verses are 20:30-31. The following is a simple outline of John:

1:1-18: Prologue

1:19-12:50 Book of Signs (The Words and Works of Jesus)

13:1-20:31: Book of Glory (The Passion and Resurrection of Jesus)

21:1-25: Epilogue



Bible Reading Plan      Nov 30-Dec 6


Monday: Genesis 41

                Habakkuk 1

                John 1                  

Tuesday: Genesis 42-43

                Habakkuk 2

                John 2

Wednesday: Genesis 44

                       Habakkuk 3

                       John 3                    

Thursday: Genesis 45

                  John 4-5

Friday: Genesis 46-47

             John 6-7

Saturday: Genesis 48-50

                  John 8         

Sunday: Psalm 28-30



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