Intro to Exodus Reading:

The Exodus event is the OT parallel and foreshowing of the gospel, as seen in similarities: Enslavement, Need for deliverance by God’s hand, A deliverer sent by God, Going through the waters, The promise of a destination to a land of peace. Think about how these relate to the gospel!  The introduction to the Law is of massive importance. See Ex. 20, the Ten Commandments


Intro to Proverbs Reading:

Proverbs is a book of wisdom. It does not exhibit a structure that must be understood, although the themes are clear and present. Overall, it is a book of contrast between wisdom and foolishness. Lady Wisdom is contrasted to the seductive adulteress, Lady Foolishness. Fear of the Lord means walking in wisdom, the way to life. The way of death and destruction is the following of foolishness such as pride, violence, and sloth. We may look to Christ as the personified, perfectly wise man.


Intro to Mark Reading:

Mark is the shortest of the Gospels and likely the earliest one recorded. It is very terse in a fast-moving account of Jesus’ ministry. The theme is the Son of God, Jesus, calls people to follow Him as a disciple (see Mark 8:31-38)


Simple Outline of Mark: 

1:1-13   Introduction

1:14-9:50   Jesus’ Teaching and Ministry in Galilee

10:1-52      Jesus’ Journey to Jerusalem

11:1-chapter 16   Jesus’ Teaching and Ministry in Jerusalem


Bible Reading Plan     


Sept 28-Oct 4


Monday: Exodus 1-2

                 Proverbs 1

                 Mark 1


Tuesday: Exodus 3-4

                 Proverbs 2

                 Mark 3-4


Wednesday: Exodus 5-6

                       Proverbs 3

                       Mark 5


Thursday: Exodus 7

                   Proverbs 4-5

                   Mark 6-7


Friday: Exodus 8-9

             Proverbs 6

             Mark 8


Saturday: Exodus 10

                  Proverbs 7

                  Mark 9


Sunday: Psalm 1-3


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