Exodus, the Law, and God’s Holiness:

Reading the beginning of Exodus is reading a narrative journey. When we come to Exodus 20 however, we begin to see a heavy emphasis on the Law of God. We are set up to read about Moses receiving the Law by Exodus 19. Moses must go “up to God” on a high mountain, and must bring back the words of God to the people down below. The picture is unmistakable. God is high above, holy and separate, and in every way One to be feared and worshipped. The people could not go near the mountain and their livestock could not even touch it. There is thunder, lightning, and shaking of the earth as the people look up. The people must consecrate themselves to even receive the Law. Yet the Law is good. It is a grace of God to reveal His Law. At all times couched within the Law of God, there are two realities: God’s perfect holiness, and humankind’s call to love God and love others. Jesus said that was the sum of the Law. Worshipping God, keeping covenant with Him, and living as His people requires that we understand His holiness and how very ‘otherly’ God is from us!

Intro to the Psalms:

Hill and Walton in their excellent work “A Survey of the Old Testament” present the purpose of Psalms as such: The purpose of the book of Psalms is to use the familiar hymns of Israel to provide a cantata-like presentation of God’s kingship through his anointed representatives, the kings of David’s line. In the process it shows God as the one who delights in rewarding the righteous and who will bring punishment to the wicked. The themes and message of the book are embedded in Psalm 1, 2, and 145.

Hill and Walton present a helpful and simple outline of the Psalms:


Introduction: Psalm 1-2

David’s Conflict with Saul:  Psalm 3-41

David’s Kingship: Psalm 42-72

The Assyrian Crisis: Psalm 73-89

Introspection about the Destruction of the Temple and Exile: Psalm 90-106

Praise and Reflection on the Return and New Era: Psalm 107-145

Concluding Praise: Psalm 146-150


Andrew Hill and John Walton, A Survey of the Old Testament.

Zondervan Publishing House, 3rd ed., 2009.


Bible Reading Plan      Oct 5-11


Monday: Exodus 11-12

                 Proverbs 8

                 Mark 10-11


Tuesday: Exodus 13-14

                 Proverbs 9

                 Mark 12


Wednesday: Exodus 15-16

                       Proverbs 10-11

                       Mark 13


Thursday: Exodus17-18

                   Proverbs 12

                   Mark 14


Friday: Exodus 19-20

             Proverbs 13

             Mark 15-16


Saturday: Exodus 21-22

                  Proverbs 14


Sunday: Psalm 4-6

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