This week we will begin reading in three new books and continue through the Psalms. 


Song of Songs, also sometimes called “Song of Solomon”, is a book that has been misunderstood. Some people have considered it embarrassing because of the content. (see 4:5) Far from embarrassing this book demonstrates the goodness and dignity that is found in love, admiration, and romantic feelings between a husband and wife. Maybe if more Christians grasped this and studied it, marriages would flourish. We will not say more about the book here because you are encouraged to read the book in this way: as an expression of appropriate and proper love expressed between spouses. 


2 Timothy follows 1 Timothy of course, and is the second of the Pastoral Epistles. In this letter, Paul writes from imprisonment and is encouraging Timothy once again, this time as a man who was about to face his execution. The two most notable verses may very well be 3:16, exhortation about the perfection and usefulness of the Scriptures, and 4:12-13, a true glimpse into what Paul considered most valuable in his last days. He asked for Mark to be sent to him (a forgiven friend and partner in ministry), a cloak (he was suffering and probably could not keep warm as winter approached), and the scrolls andparchments (letters, something to write on, and the Scriptures).

A simple outline of 2 Timothy:

Greetings and Reason for Writing: 1:1-18

Instructions regarding ministry in the church: 2:1-3:9

A final instruction for Timothy himself: 3:10-4:8

Final Words: 4:19-22


We will introduce Genesis next week. Really dig in to Genesis as you read through. Make notes, underline and mark verses, and note things such as repeated words and themes. 


Bible Reading Plan      Nov 2-8


Monday: Genesis 1-2

                 Song of Songs 1

                 2 Timothy 1


Tuesday: Genesis 3-4

                Song of Songs 2

                2 Timothy 2


Wednesday: Genesis 5-6

                       Song of Songs 3

                       2 Timothy 3                    


Thursday: Genesis 7-8

                  Song of Songs 4

                  2 Timothy 4


Friday: Genesis 9-10

             Song of Songs 5-6

            Proverbs 30



Saturday: Genesis 10-12

                  Song of Songs 7-8 


Sunday: Psalm 17-19


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